Village Vacances, at Ile-a-Vache, Haiti, a beautiful tropical island in the south coast of Haiti, is the prime destination for nature lovers looking for a relaxing, enchanting and safe vacation. Because of its location off the coast of Les Cayes, Haiti and its beautiful sandy beaches, Ile-a-Vache is the next great destination for tourists everywhere.

Village Vacances welcomes nature lovers to enjoy the sandy beaches of the Ile-a-Vache, tour the various surrounding islands, enjoy the delicious gourmet meals prepared by local chefs, enjoy a soccer game or bring your talent, experience and knowledge and join the community in the development of the island.  

Our all-inclusive vacation village is also an entry path to this wonderful community. We are proud to partner with EDEM Foundation and help bring in people from all over the world to take part of the sustainable development of this beautiful island.


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Had a superb stay in paradise! The staff - Sauny, Ismael, Figuero, Tony - were the best.. Attentive and dedicated to making me feel at home. Other highlights were the food.. Delicious fresh lobster on a regular basis ... And the excursions..  JPW, NJ