Village Vacances is designed to transform itself into a setting suited for your special needs.  The resort has been build from the begining to accomodate various types of activities.  Our personel is ready to care for your special event with grace and diligence. 

The Village is open to showcase the wonderful culture of Haiti.  We invite you to bring you cultural show, your art expo, movie ideas to us and we will make our outmost effort to accomodate your event.

Ever dreamed of a beach wedding or a rural wedding?  Wether it is just the two of you or the whole family, come to Village Vacances and let us turn your wedding into a love story. The whole community will work toward making your wedding the envy of a prince or a princess.

At Village Vacances, we care about family.  If you are planning a family reunion, a youth camp, and friendly get together, we are there for you.  Village Vacances will work with you to develop specials programs to bring your family together.

How about making your stay an educational experience?  Village Vacances works with the community and design various programs to work along side the local population in providing educational activities.  We are constantly looking for teachers, agronomists, biologists, marine scientists, engineers, doctors, nurses to come and share their knowledge and expertise with the community.  Those participating in our programs will surely be rewarded by the great experience and also received special bonus stays at the resort.

Village Vacances welcomes nature lovers to enjoy the sandy beaches of the Ile-a-Vache, tour the various surrounding islands, enjoy the delicious gourmet meals prepared by local chefs, enjoy a soccer game or bring your talent, experience and knowledge and join the community in the development of the island.


  • Cultural Festival
  • Art Expo 
  • Wedding 
  • Honeymoon 
  • Youth Camp
  • Family Reunion 
  • Conference
  • Team Building
  • Christmas  
  • New Years
  • Exercise Camp 
  • Craft Show
  • Health Program
  • Student Interns

My team of 4 stayed at Vacation Village for 4 nights and our time there was nothing, but spectacular. The staff in particular was more than accommodating and really made our stay enjoyable. Ismael, Tony, and the cooking staff were absolutely the best!!   Jules A, New-York

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